How to Optimize Google AdSense To Increase Revenue

For beginners like me as well as advanced users, the beginning of the new year would be a good time to start thinking about your Google AdSense campaign. Are you creating the most out of your advertising? Now be a good time to review the performance of the ad, and make the appropriate changes. So here, we will show you 6 things you can do to optimize your AdSense ads and maximize the performance of your ads.

This video might help you to maximize your AdSense Ad placement :

1. Whether you have Maximizing Your Advertising Location?
This is the first question you should ask yourself. Google Adsense will not allow you to get as many ad units as you like. But if you have placed an ad in the right position? For each page of your website, AdSense will only give you three AdSense for content ad units. Even this also vary in size, so you can take advantage of the best location for your ad. But you can only place one ad unit size 300x600. Apart from this, you can use three text ad units, and two AdSense for search box units. Before putting all ad units, take a moment to consider whether you have a large enough quality content to the ratio of ad units. It makes no sense if all ad spots have been used, but no actual content on the page.

2. Look Size Ad
In general, the width of the ad units tend to perform better than high. For example, ad size 728x90, 336x280, and 300x250 usually have high performance. You should try the size of the ad, and find out for yourself what is best for you. Ad size must also comply with the placement of your content.

3. Use Text and Images
Typically, publishers just focus on advertising images, and forget the other options available. Adding text ads is a good idea too, because text ads compete with the image ad units for the same space. Using a combination of text and image ads can help you get more profit.

4. Add Search Box
As mentioned above, image ads are not the only one in the world. AdSense will give you two units of AdSense for search boxes per page as well. They allow you to put a search engine on your site and provide a web search for users. And you probably will get relevant ads on search results pages.

5. Creating Your Ad Units Accessed
Pay special attention to where you will place your ad units correctly. They should complement each other, and match your content. And also users should be able to easily identify and access. Generally, the ad should be on top. Google offers many guidelines to help you place your ad.

6. Uses The Right Color Combination
The latter, using trial and error, and play around with different colors and styles of advertising. This can play a big role in how much income you will earn. There are three strategies that you can choose. Blend, Compliment, and Contrast. Compliment is normal placement, in which units are directly used in advertising and differentiated content. Blend means combining meaningful content to the ad units using the same color, making it difficult to distinguish the ad unit. Contrast means you use contrasting colors that indicate the presence of ad units. You can use any of it, as long as you follow the guidelines of Google.


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