How to Register Google Adsense To Quick Accepted

Unfortunately, to become a member and earn revenue from Google Adsense was not an easy thing. In fact there are difficulties on how to register Google Adsense, when in fact I register on Google's PPC program is not difficult really.

Many bloggers are already signed up, but not all accepted into the Google Adsense publisher. This is because a website or blog listed do not meet the criteria expected by Google. Google Adsense parties want a website/blog which publisher sites they are qualified and meet the rules (TOS) them.

In the past, the way the list was Google Adsense is very easy. But as the growth and development of the Internet, Google Adsense has made many changes to their service and adapted to the changes. Creating a blog perfunctory and filled with content that is very "shallow", and then register it in the Google Adsense is a futile act because it definitely will not be accepted.

So how do I sign up for Google Adsense so quickly accepted? Uniqueness, value selling, and originality of a website is a very important requirement in order to be accepted by Google Adsense. PPC is an advertising program as well as other advertising programs. They would want a website that they can serve ads on sale or good marketing for advertisers. The actual process of signing up is very easy, but to be accepted on the Google PPC program, you should consider several important things.

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Before registering, you should consider some of the following important points that received greater opportunities :

1. Creating Unique Content on Your Site

As mentioned previously, the originality of an idea or content on your website is an important value for Google Adsense. They pay attention to whether the content in a useful website for others or not.

The actual content on the internet, many are discussing the same topic. However, the way of presentation or writing a different way. For example, you write about " how to grow a rose ", of course there is a lot of content on other sites that discuss this. However, writing the content and present it in the way your blog is different with the content on other people's blogs. Well, if your content is the result of copy and paste from other sources, most likely your site will not be approved to participate in the Google AdSense PPC program.

2. Notice Age Site Which Registered

Let's not be too hasty to register your blog to Google Adsense because they pay attention to the age of the website, amount of content, number of visitors, page views, and others. If you currently have a blog that is already 6 months old, already filled a lot of content, and has a stable unique visitors, it could convince the Google Adsense that your blog is a good place to advertise.

3. Notice Number Content In Website/Blog

Total content is one of the important factors to be accepted in Google Adsense. I'm not sure what the minimum amount of content on a website in order to be accepted, but I personally would be more readily accepted if the website we have a lot of content. I personally suggest to create a minimum of 60 content articles before enrolling in Google Adsense.

To form a blog site, you should be diligent in updating the content on your blog because this could affect the valuation of Google. Blogs are frequently updated by their owners will certainly have a better chance accepted by Google Adsense compared with the blogs that are rarely updated.

4. Use, or

Well, it is very important to note. If you already have a domain and hosting your own, then the chances to be accepted by Google Adsense will be greater, of course, by taking into account the previous points. However, if you want to use a free domain & hosting, and want to be a publisher of Google Adsense, then you should use

Google Adsense can not be installed on a blog created by either the domain or subdomain on WordPress itself is using free hosting on WordPress. It is the policy of (TOS) from the own, can be read here is a free blog service provided by the Google. Surely this is a distinct advantage for those who use it as long as the party I always give the user the opportunity to to monetize their blog with Google Adsense program.

If you do not want to create a blog, there are still other ways, namely through Surely you must have some original video content uploaded to This video should have quite a lot of views to be accepted in the Google Adsense program.

5. Supporting Information

It's good your site is equipped with supporting information pages, such as pages About, Privacy Policy, Contact, TOS. It will make your site look seriously and pay attention to your blog visitors.

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Content that you do not have to make "extraordinary" to be accepted by Google Adsense. The important thing is to present useful content to others and must be written in a unique way, not the result of copying other people's content. There are many bloggers who have a regular income from Google Adsense ads on their blogs, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. Well, if you want memonitize website/blog by way of advertising, Google Adsense one PPC program that you should consider.


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