Advantages of Google Adsense as Compared to other PPC

Google Adsense to date is Pay Per Click (PPC) is still very promising. Here are some of the advantages of Google Adsense PPC other than:
  • Easy to join. Although many say that it is difficult to register Adsense, actually I do not think. However, most bloggers do not really study, understand the policies and provisions of Adsense, and eventually rejected. If your blog is adequate (especially regarding the authenticity of content and the number of articles that enough), then sign up Adsense practically very easy. See if you are qualified blog Adsense?
  • Easy to implement ad code. The simplest is to use the default blogger widgets (for you who use blogspot). But the best part in my opinion is to add Adsense ad unit through account, copy the code and paste it in your blog. Easy.
  • This is what I like : free ! Do not charge a penny for Adsense publisher.
  • AdSense automatically displays the most relevant ads (also the most valuable) to the topic of our blog.
  • You do not need to bother choosing different ads for each page. Once you install the code, the rest Adsense works.
  • You can focus on writing a good article. Adsense advertisers who will choose the best for you.
  • Suitable and easy for beginners (like me), because of its simplicity.
  • Adsense provides a complete reporting and very easy to understand. Mainly features a special channel to track the performance of ads.
  • May be paired with an affiliate program if you like. Even so, learn more about Adsense policy not to infringe. Especially in the placement and design of its affiliated links.
  • Can filter or block unwanted ads to appear on our blog.
  • Until now, Adsense still the number one in potential revenue value than other network ads program.
  • No need to register again if you have a website/blog is more than one. Once accepted as a publisher we can implement it on your site/blog that we have with any of the terms of these sites correspond well with Adsense policies. Quite an Adsense account for a lot of blogs.
  • To get the money, do not need to be going on sale. All it takes is click on the ads that appear on our blog.


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