Adsense Alternatives - The Best Alternative 9 Besides Google Adsense

If you have a blog or website and want to earn money from the internet the most popular way is to follow the Google Adsense program. As many people already know, AdSense is an online advertising program that always pays its highest-paid compared to the pay-per-click (PPC) other.

Google's Adsense program has been widely used throughout the world and has a very extensive advertising network on an international scale. So do not be surprised Adsense program moneymaker online that many people 's favorites.

However, when the Adsense program is becoming more popular, the program rules become more and more tight and difficult, so many people are starting to look for other alternatives other than Adsense. Here are some of the reasons that prompt a search for alternatives to Adsense Blogger :
1. Registration Adsense increasingly difficult and often rejected (not as easy as it used to be).
2. Regulation Google Adsense is very sadistic (often banned for no apparent reason).
3. Earn money from Adsense is difficult (because they do not know how).

The question now is there any alternative to Adsense publisher who also pay the high fees ?
The answer is "Yes!"
Read on this article and slow down.

Here are some of the major online advertising networks on the Internet besides Google Adsense program.

1. BuySellAds
I think the second largest online advertising network after Adsense is BuySellAds. Their system is different from the Google Adsense system or pay per click (PPC) in general, but they will pay you out of ad space sold, so if later there who buy ad space Advertiser (ad space) on your website / blog through the website BuySellAds you will get paid from BySellAds.

So here BuySellAds mediates between the Advertiser and sellers of advertising space on websites. BuySellAds paid quite high and vary according to the Advertiser.

2. Yahoo! Bing Network
Yahoo Bing Network (YBN) is a contextual advertising program similar to Google AdSense. The drawback is to follow the program they are very difficult to be accepted, needed a website that has high quality and amount of traffic, which is very much to be able to follow the program YBN.

Payment can be via paypal YBN and wire transfers, but the need to earn up to $100 first in order to receive payment. Cost per click (CPC) is high enough YBN usually between $0.05-$1 per-clicks.

3. Infolinks
Infolinks is one Adsense alternative programs are pretty much popular today. To be accepted Infolinks program is quite easy, you must have a website with a lot of textual or text / article as the main content, the reason being infolinks ads will appear on the specific text on an content.

Infolinks paid pretty good perklik between $0.01-$0.30 perklikna and payment can be obtained via Western Union, Wire Transfer, Pay Pal, Payoneer cards.

4. Chitika
Chitika, Inc. is an online advertising network with a pay per click (PPC) is similar to Adsense. Chitika is also one Adsense alternative favored because the registration is quite easy as long as the site is registered to have quite a lot of traffic. Chitika CPC usually between $.01-$1.

Chitika Payment can be availed through PayPal if it reaches $10 and can also be availed by check (minimum $50).

5. Tribal Fusion
Tribal Fusion is a good Adsense alternative because it has a high enough fee. Tribal fusion using CPM system and its average CPM between $.20-$1.

The drawback is a bit difficult to accept because it required a site that has traffic of up to 50,000 page views per month and has an attractive design. If the site you have these requirements then try this Tribal Fusion program.

6. Clicksor
Clicksor is a pretty good alternative to Adsense, they offer text ads, banner ads and pop up ads. Up Clicksor is very easy to be accepted and no special requirements.

Clicksor CPC between $0.01-$0.50, and up to $2 + per 1000 page ad popa ups (CPM). Payment can be availed if the earnings in the account has reached $50.

Personally I have not tried the program from, but quite a lot of people who recommend this program because the pay is high enough. You can obtain a commission payment through PayPal

8. Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is one of the online advertising program that is quite popular, but my experience is less satisfying because usually the CPC which is not too big I get is between $0.01-$0.20. Commission can be availed through PayPal if income has reached $10.

9. Kontera
Kontera is an advertising program that is pretty good if most of your traffic sources are from the USA and Canada. Up Kontera very easily accepted and usually have a CPC between $0.01-$0.40. You can accept payments through PayPal if the income has reached $50.

Those are some Adsense alternatives are very popular among online businesses, if you have a site that is attractive and has quite a lot of traffic, I suggest you try these programs.


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